Sunday, February 15, 2015

Invitation to proctor at Massachusets General Hospital, Hardvard University, Boston, USA.

This time I had to travel far, to Boston, where there was a winter storm with terribly low temperatures, to help Dr. Shahin Tabatabaei, associate professor at MGH - Harvard University, to polish his technique of GreenLight En bloc enucleation of the prostate. He already came to visit me in Bulgaria and saw many cases and had initiated the technique on his own, but wanted to improve and learn some tips and tricks.

We spent the first day at the operating room, we did two very difficult cases of patients with large glands that took their time. The rest of the surgeries were cancelled because the city was blocked by the snow.

Both cases went very well and Dr. Tabatabaei was able to extract a huge adenoma from one of the patients.

The second day I participated in a training session for residents and urologists of the hospital with Dr. Tabatabaei.

We first gave two short talks on the principles of laser surgery and then we worked with the residents with the surgical simulators and studied the surgical instruments necessary for this technique.

The following day I gave a talk at the department Grand Rounds session to present the En Bloc Green Laser Enucleation technique. It was very interesting and we had the honor of receiving the visit of Lori Lerner, famous for her dedication to Holmium laser enucleation, who added her experience to a very intense and interesting discussion. The urologists from MGH thought this is a very interesting new avenue for the treatment of BPH and Dr. Tabatabaei is going to continue to perform it and I hope we can participate together in a multi center international study that is going to start soon.

The last day of my stay in Boston we went back to the operating room for another surgical session, that also went very well. Dr. Tabatabaei chose very complex cases and we spent the day operating.

I got this diploma as a reminder of my stay in Boston. It has been a great honor for me to share with my colleagues in Boston and to collaborate once again with my friend. Dr. Tabatabaei.

Finally I returned to Madrid, despite the weather getting worse, I managed to take off just in time to celebrate my birthday (I am now 47!).

The following day they cancelled 1800 flights in the northeast of USA, due to the intense cold.

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