Friday, July 24, 2015

New robotic radical prostatectomy session with Dr. Richard Gaston

As usual, Dr. Gastón came to Madrid to work with me at Clínica CEMTRO and we performed two days of radical prostatectomy cases prostatectomía radical robótica.

We are very impressed with the functional results we are obtaining in the patients we have operated during the last few months with the latest generation Da Vinci robot. The robot itself is a technological wonder, but what is really important to be able to achieve these results, a high quality urinary continence and the preservation of erectile function, is the vast experience of Dr. Gaston in robotic surgery. To me it is an immense privilege to be able to assist him every month and to learn from a master like him. In surgery it is paramount to share the experience, what has been learnt by one surgeon performing thousands of cases, to avoid mistakes, to achieve objectives. Learning from a true master is a luxury and an unparalleled opportunity.

After many years dedicated with devotion to the treatment of prostatic diseases, I feel we have managed to build up a urology department where we offer the best in the diagnosis of prostate cancer and in the treatment of BPH and prostate cancer.

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