Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Advanced radical prostatectomy training course at ORSI, Belgium

This time I travelled to Belgium to participate in an advanced three-day training course on radical prostatectomy at ORSI with Prof. Alex Mottrie.

In September I will return to complete the second part of the course for another three days.

It has been a great experience and an extremely well conceived, didactic and comprehensive course.

Prof. Mottrie is a great robotic surgeon and despite the fact that we have worked for the past 8 years with Dr. Richard Gastón, who is considered the "guru" of robotic surgery worldwide, and that we are spoiled by his geniality, it is always a pleasure to share with expert surgeons like Prof. Mottrie, compare the different points of view and the alternative surgical strategies.

It was also very nice to share with other urologists from Australia, Scotland, India, Italy and The Netherlands.

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