Saturday, December 10, 2005

Meeting of Spanish Greenlight users at USP Hospital San José

This saturday we celebrated the second meeting of the Spanish users of the Greenlight Laser at thel Hospital USP San José de Madrid, the institution where I work. The meeting was kindly sponsored by Davanzia, the medical company that distributes this KTP laser and other medical products in Spain. The meeting was organized with the help of USP and the Instituto de Cirugía Urológica Avanzada. We welcomed doctors working in 20 out of the 25 (soon 30) units offering this technique throughout the country. Two live surgeries were performed, one in a 100 gram prostate, by Drs. Torrecillas, Macías and myself, to show the different strategies and techniques used. This was transmitted via a videolink to the audience. In the afternoon, I performed a PVP on a patient with a 166 gram prostate. It was interesting to share the initial experience of the groups offering this relatively new technique in the country. It allowed us to share experiences and technical aspects of great interest, specially for those groups with less experience. All presentations were of high quality and I believe all participants went back home with better knowledge on the technique and convinced about the fact that PVP will gradually substitute TURP for its high efficacy and low morbidity.


Mel Smith said...

Dr. Sancha,

Thank you for this blog, and for your presence on the prostate newsgroup.

I'm using Terazosin (5mg) once per day, but have seen advertisements for AvoDart. I also have been following the development of PVP for about three years now, and am waiting for the appearance of a Urologist in my home city (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - 700,000 people). But, so far,no doctor has advertised the PVP procedure.

I guess I'll have to wait longer :((( I'm 73 years old now, and starting to get a bit incontinent.

Anyway, thank you for providing intellectual and moral support for the sufferers of BPH.

Mel Smith,
(a winter resident)
Mesa, Arizona, USA

Dr. Fernando Gómez Sancha said...


If you are starting to develop urge-incontinence (incontinence after a feeling of urgency to void), your bladder might be deteriorating slowly. It probably experiences bladder hyperactivity (unconsciouslu triggered and not wanted bladder contractions) Sometimes this dissapears with prostate surgery, but sometimes it is too late. So make sure you are evaluated by a urologist soon, you might benefit from surgery if terazosin 5 mg is not helping. Check if there is a PVP surgeon nearby at