Monday, December 12, 2005

New training session in La Coruña

Today I took a plane to La Coruña, to participate in another teaching session. The case we operated today was relatively difficult. The prostatic size was not too big, but it was richly vascularised and had a tendency to bleed. As the instrument we introduce through the urethra for Photoselective Vaporization of the Prostate is rather thin, and the irrigation of water in-and- out the bladder it provides is rather slow, any amount of blood, no matter how small, obscures vision and makes the procedure more difficult. We had to use all the surgical tricks and strategies to be able to finish the procedure successfully. A teaching session with a high learning value. The image shows the Veru Montanum, the anatomic structure where ejaculatory ducts drain into the urethra. This is an important surgical landmark, because it tells the surgeon the exact localization of the external urinary sphincter, that must be respected. A little bit upwards, both lateral lobes can be seen in part, they obstruct urinary flow in the same way as tonsils obstruct the pharynx in children...

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