Monday, June 19, 2006

Congress of the Italian Society of Urology

Today I travelled to Bologna, Italy, to participate at the Annual Congres of the SIU (Italian Society of Urology), where I was invited to present my experience with Greenlight PV (PVP-Photoselective vaporization of the prostate). The session chair was Prof. Andrea Tubaro, a prestigious urologist from Rome, who is also a Greenlight user.
After an introduction where he has covered the basic physics of lasers, my role was to comment the technical details and surgical tips and tricks that allow for a succesful and safe operation. I have also presented the new HPS (High Performance System). Then Prof. Tubaro closed the meeting with a review of the published data on this laser. Then the turn for questions was opened and we enjoyed a lively discussion. This laser is also very hot in Italy and soon will replace TURP as the gold standard for the treatment of BPH in this country.
Tomorrow I fly to Madrid, and then will jump to Barcelona, where I will participate in a surgical training session at Fundació Puigvert.

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