Saturday, June 10, 2006

Congress of the Spanish Urological Association, Seville.

The night of the 8th, after my trip to Paris to participate in a meeting of the Media Office of the European Association of Urology, I travelled to Seville. The morning of the 10th I had to participate at the plenary session of the Annual Congress of the Spanish Urological Association. Dr. Ojea Calvo and I had to debate TURP vs Greenlight laser, with Dr. Carlos Hernández moderating the session. We had 12 minutes to defend our technique and a 3 minute rebate turn. I was aggressive and I used some sense of humour as well, that worked out very well. The session was vibrant!! The moderator did not say who was victorious after the debate, but everybody was telling me that I smashed my opponent. So I guess at least I was the moral winner ;-).... Nothing too difficult, as TURP has nothing to do against Greenlight PV. This was my first slide...

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