Sunday, May 25, 2008

Annual Congress of the American Urological Association

I spent from the 17th-24th of May in Orlando, Florida. At tne Annual Congress of the American Urological Association.

This year my participation consisted in the presentation of two posters, in collaboration with the IGLU (International Greenlight Users) Group. After our meeting in Madrid in June last year, we decided to gather the data from our patients treated with the Greenlight HPS laser in 7 international centers, and lastly we were presenting the conclusions of our studies in two separate posters.

One was presented by Dr. Shahin Tabatabei, from the Massachussets General Hospital, and the second poster by Dr. Henry Woo, from Sydney, Australia (although the man in the photo below is Mr. Gordon Muir, from London, also a member of the IGLU).

We also used the opportunity to plan new studies and new publications... We had several very fruitful discussions. On the other hand, it has been a vibrant congress, full of new concepts and discoveries...

The last day I had time to visit the Universal Studios, a wonderful place. I saw the Hulk passing by and I took a photo with him... (It is the only photo I took of myself during the congress).

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