Monday, May 12, 2008

Surgery in Thesaloniki

From Athens I flew to Thesaloniki with Dr. Dimitris Hatzichristou, the first urologist from this city to use the new Greenlight HPS 120 watt system. He had invited me to operate a difficult patient with a 150 gram prostate, he wanted to see with his own eyes how these cases can be handled with the Greenlight HPS laser.

Interestingly, he had also invited my colleague at the Institute of Advanced Urological Surgery, Dr. Ignacio Moncada, who was travelling there to perform a penile implant in a patient with a very difficult clinical situation. We both operated at Saint Lucas Hospital, a private center with an impressive technological and human dotation.

Both operations were complex, but successful. I had to use the suprapubic trocar to improve irrigation and I used 800.000 joules, at the end I was very happy with the outcome of the case.

In the photo, Dr. Dimitris Hatzichristou and Dr. Moncada before entering the hospital. When we finished, we went back to Madrid. There was no time to try the local famous Ouzo...

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