Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another weekend in Sofia, Bulgaria

Again I travelled to Sofia, to operate at theHill Clinic where we did eight operations. It is quite tough to operate during the weekend as well, it basically means that your week lasts 15 days rather than 7.... no time to rest. The staff at the Hill Clinic is like a small family and after having worked here several times I can say I feel here as comfortable as if I was home.

In the photo with Dr. Kalchev, who pioneered the use of GreenLight in Bulgaria. After various surgical sessions with him he has acquired a very good technique and is now a proficient operator. The thing is that the complexity of the cases they receive here is really high, because patients in Bulgaria only go to the doctor if there is no other option, very late, when they already have complicated prostates, with bladder stones and diverticulums... and Dr. Kalchev, kindly lets me do these cases ;-)

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