Thursday, May 13, 2010

Visit from Dr. Bautrant

These days we have received the visit of Dr. Bautrant. Dr. Bautrant is one of the leading experts in pelvic pain in Europe.

The chronic pelvic pain syndrome is a group of diseases caused in the pelvis, from different etiologies and different clinical presentations (perineal pain, chronic prostatitis, urethral or vaginal pain...) generally very difficult to treat successfully.

During the last five years I have teamed with Dr. Fernando Itza (a pelvic pain expert), Lydia Serra (a specialised physiotherapist) and Dr. Zarza (a brilliant neurophysiologist) and we have succeeded in reaching a specific diagnosis of the problem in the majority of patients, and also in improving or even curing some of these patients.

Dr. Bautrant came to Madrid to help us with some difficult patients and he showed us the technique for pudendal nerve release, that can be very helpful in selected patients with pudendal nerve entrapment syndrome.

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