Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Surgeries in Hospital de La Princesa, in Madrid

Today I spent the morning at the Hospital de La Princesa, in Madrid. In this hospital I trained as a resident many years ago. It has been fantastic to see my old colleagues and to operate in the same operating room.

I have demonstrated the use of the GreenLight 180 watt laser, operating three patients during the morning. Everything worked out perfectly. Dr. Mora organized the session and tried the laser with very good hand.

There I have seen my dearest Drs. Atanasio Fernández Borrell, Fernando Teba del Pino, Ramón Arellano, Mariano Rabadán, Lorenzo herrero, Pedro Albacete, Estefanía Romero. I saw Elena, the secretary of the department, and I also met the new residents.  A fantastic morning that brought back many memories, I spent some fantastic years there, and I learnt so much from all of them!!!

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