Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Surgeries in Modena, Italy

Today I travelled early to Modena in Italy to participate in a training session at Hospital Hesperia, with Prof. Giovanni Ferrari.

We have done four surgical operations with the GreenLight laser, the last one a challenging case, a huge prostate. Operating out of your own surgical theatre is always a challenge, things change quite a lot, the endoscopic camera is different, some times the quality is good, some other times not so good.

Laser cystoscopes also vary, as does the chair where I sit. There is always some variability to these surgical operations outside home, and it makes me to keep alert. It has always been a wonderful training and it has allowed me to get to know all possible combinations of instruments, camera, etc...

Prof. Ferrari is a great surgeon and a charming colleague. I tried parmesan cheese with home made Modena vinegar, so delicious!!!

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