Friday, June 15, 2012

Weekend in Casablanca

This weekend I went to Casablanca to operate in three hospitals. First I went on friday afternoon to the  Clinique Lina, with Dr. Benani, Dr. Tahiri, Dr. Haisam and Dr. Boueb, I did two anatomic vaporizations with greenlight that went very well.

Then I went to Clinique Massira, with Dr. Touabi and Dr. Bakali, who was trained in Fundació Puigvert in Barcelona. He told me that our common friend Dr. Ricardo Regalado had died some time ago and it was a hard blow for me. I had been time without news from him, but I did not know the cause. He was a good friend and a great person, I was extremely sad to learn this. I also did two surgeries that went out very well.

Finally, I did another case at Clinique Dar Salam, with Dr. Chefchaouni, that was also successful.

On Saturday afternoon I took the opportunity to make a tour around Casablanca, which to me is a city full of contrasts. I was very impressed by Hassan II's Mosk, an amazing building by the sea. Then I returned to Madrid to rest a little on sunday afternoon.

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