Sunday, March 24, 2013

Surgical session in Sofia, Bulgaria

I arrived early at Sofia from Istanbul, and I went directly to the Hill Clinic to start the surgical session. We had 14 patients to operate from Friday to Sunday.

My colleagues at Hill showed me this press article where they referenced our team at the Hill Clinic. The truth is that we work really well there with very high quality standards. Everything is efficient and patients do really well. This is certainly due to the great team we have formed there.

The operations went really well, the GreenLEP technique has improved over the years in our hands and it is now a fast operation (we take from 40 to 75 minutes, depending on prostatic sizes) and the new Vmax blades from the Wolf Piranha morcellator allow us to cut down the morcellation time and the total surgical time.

I am really happy with this operation and the Hill Clinic is no doubt the center in the world with more experience in this technique. I love to work there.

Then I returned to Madrid on Sunday, tired but happy as the easter holiday is starting.

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