Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Important visitor to my operating room

Today we received the visit of Mr. Mike Kujak, the general manager of American Medical Systems, the company producing the GreenLight laser in the US, as well as many other medical devices for the treatment of pelvic health problems.

He came to Madrid interested to see in person the GreenLEP (GreenLight laser enucleation of the prostate) technique that I have developed, as well as the anatomic vaporization technique. The postoperative ultrasound of the prostate we enucleated showed a perfect job! It was impressive. We probably removed 90 grams of tissue and the cavity was perfect!

After we finished the two procedures we went out for dinner in Madrid. I have to say that despite my close relationship with this company for many years it is the first time I see a CEO "coming down to the kitchen"to see first hand how their products are used. I was very positively surprised by this attitude. He left a comment in our visitor book.

Later on our Pathologist confirmed we had extracted 90 grams of tissue.

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