Sunday, June 30, 2013

Visitors from USA to witness the placement of the UROLIFT system

This time we received visitors from the american company Neotract, to watch how we performed the treatment of two patients suffering of BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia) with the UROLIFT system.

This UROLIFT system is very ingenious and technologically sophisticated and allows to treat patients with mild or moderate BPH symptoms in a minimally invasive fashion, improving their symptoms without altering their ability to ejaculate. This is common in other forms of surgical treatment of BPH.

The technique consists in introducing a sophisticated cystoscope in the urethra of the patient under sedation.

The device introduces a needle in the prostate that releases a titanium filament that is fixed outside the prostate capsule.

Another filament is deployed in the inside of the urethra and a suture joins both filaments compressing the prostatic tissue, to widen the urethral lumen and allow for the easier passage of urine.

Normally four of these are placed, and this allows the patient to improve his urinary symptoms and many times, to abandon the medical treatment they were having.

In the published clinical studies, patients improve significantly, and this improvement is maintained during at least three years.

I think it is a very reasonable option for young men with BPH symptoms that want to improve their urinary symptoms without losing the ability to ejaculate.

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