Friday, June 07, 2013

Surgical session at the University Hospital Miguel Servet in Zaragoza

Today I took the AVE (the famous spanish high speed train), and at 300 km/h I reached Zaragoza and went to the University Hospital Miguel Servet to meet Dr. Rodriguez Vela, the head of department.

They had prepared two patients with big prostates to see the new GreenLight XPS laser in action. I demonstrated the anatomic vaporization technique and the vapo-enucleation technique (lateral lobe vaporization, localization of the capsule and enucleation of the middle lobe)

In both cases the result was very good, and I think they enjoyed seeing how one can easily localize the capsule and perform a radical vaporization of the adenoma that mimics what we did with open prostatectomy. I am convinced this is the future of the surgery of BPH. I had a great time with my friends in Zaragoza, I hope to return soon.

Then I came back to madrid, tonight I will depart to Gran Canaria, tomorrow I will operate there with my good friend Dr. Juarez del Dago.

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