Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Interview in Bulgarian TV

During my previous trip to Bulgaria I was interviewed for the most prestigious TV program on health in Bulgaria. Today I got it and I include it here.

The goal of the interview, to clarify things after Angelina Jolie was submitted to a bilateral mastectomy for carrying a defective form of the BRCA1 gene.

Right after that happened, the London Based urologist Roger Kirby told the press that after sequencing the BRCA2 gene in a man with a non aggressive form of prostate cancer, he found a mutation in the gene. This mutation decided him to recommend radical surgery for his prostate tumor that normally would not be treated. This was very polemic and hence, the interview.

I tried to clarify that some people carry a mutated form of these genes that does carry out the normal function of suppression of tumor growth. Men who carry these defective forms of the gene have a higher risk of prostate cancer and usually also more aggressive, but it is not justified to carry out preventive surgery in all carriers. It is more logical to watch them closely and if the tumor arises treat them aggressively.

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