Saturday, April 26, 2014

New surgical session in Bulgaria with important international visitors

Again I went to Bulgaria to participate in a new surgical session. We operated 7 patients in two days.

This time we received important visitors, like Dr. Andrea Tubaro, from La Sapienza University in Rome, Dr. Shahin Tabatabaei, from Harvard, Boston, USA, Dr. Edward Collins, from San Francisco, USA, Dr. Peter Weib from Siegen, Germany, Dr. Tobias Mebner, from Gehrden, Germany, and we also had Sasha Röhling and Glynn Burt, from AMS, the company that manufactures the GreenLight Laser.

The interest for the new techniques that I developed is progressively greater and that is why we receive more and more visitors from all over the world. These sessions are very interesting as they also allow to talk long on BPH surgical treatment and we all learn!

Dr. Shahin Tabatabaei and "Chip" Collins are my dearest friends and form part of the IGLU group (International GreenLight Laser Users) and we also had a chance to talk and enjoy to be together. A fantastic session!

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