Thursday, January 22, 2015

Surgical session at Ospedale de Guastalla, Italy

Again I travelled to Italy. I went to Milan and slept there, and then drove to the Ospedale di Guastalla, near Parma. In this occasion I had to help Dr. Frattini with his learning curve of anatomic vaporization of the prostate. This technique I developed is becoming the standard technique for Green Laser vaporization in Italy.

Two of the patients had very large glands, over 120 cc, and I performed an En Bloc enucleation of the prostate with the Green Laser. Both went very well. Al the urology staff was there for the session. Then I endured two more hours in the car back to Milan to take a late return flight to Madrid. These sessions are nice and gratifying but it is a hard job!

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