Saturday, September 12, 2015

GreenLEP training at Clinica Quirón in Barcelona

After the course on robotic surgery I flew to Barcelona to help Dr. Enrique Rijo, from the urology team at Clínica Quirón in Barcelona with his first steps with GreenLEP.

I love to work with colleagues who share the passion for what we do. Dr. Rijo is an enthusiast and is keen to learn.

As in every training session, we discussed all the details of the necessary instruments and morcellator.

Dr. Rijo had studied my videos and had visited me many times to see GreenLEP procedures, and he did a great job!

GreenLEP is an advanced technique, not easy, but perfectly teachable to a urologist with experience in vaporization and with desire to learn. I then returned to Madrid to rest a while. Dr. Rijo called later to tell me patients did very well afterwards.

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