Friday, September 25, 2015

Robotic work with Dr. Gaston in September

During the month of september, Dr. Gaston came to operate at  ICUA - Clínica CEMTRO twice, we operated two consecutive weekends several cases of prostate cancer as well as a partial nephrectomy with the Da Vinci Robotic System in a patient with a single kidney that went really well.

Despite the Da Vinci Robot is mainly known for its role in the treatment of prostate cancer, its role is paramount today for the treatment of kidney cancer, as it allows to perform complex partial nephrectomies with great safety, allowing for preservation of renal function.

It is a joy to see the patients recover after these robotic surgeries and to witness the excellent oncologic and functional results. I suppose the only drawback of the Da Vinci Robot is its cost. It is an expensive system and every time we operate the cost of the instruments is high, but I think it is no doubt a great advantage for the surgeon and the patients!

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