Thursday, October 01, 2015

Experts meeting in London

From Brussels I flew to London to participate in an experts meeting summoned by the company Boston Scientific.

This company recently acquired American Medical Systems (the male products part, including the GreenLight laser), as well as the German laser manufacturer Starmedtec.

Now Boston offers three kinds of laser for BPH, the GreenLight XPS system, a 50 watt Holmium system (Auriga XL) and a Thulium laser (Vela XL).

Boston Scientific had summoned international experts in the use of lasers of different kinds, and it was very refreshing to sit down all together in one table and discuss openly the pros and cons of different kinds of lasers.

I realized that my experience is quite unique, as I have worked a lot with all three wavelengths and the majority of my colleagues specialize in one wavelength only. A very interesting meeting.

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