Friday, October 16, 2015

New robotic surgical session with Dr. Richard Gaston

This weekend we had again a surgical session with Dr. Richard Gastón at Clínica CEMTRO. Dr. Gaston is now a member of our team at ICUA and he comes every month from Bordeaux to operate with us in Madrid.

Robotic surgery requires a lot of preparation and a precise coordination among our nurses at ICUA, the anesthetists, hospital nurses, and other personnel, to allow for an uneventful and smooth work.

Vanesa Cuadros, our chief nurse ensures that every detail is looked after and also makes sure that all the clinical information about the patient, his PSA, the result of the digital rectal examination, the information obtained in the biopsy or the transperineal MRI-US fusion mapping, the preoperative MRI are clearly looked at prior to the operation so it can be planned to the detail.

Our nurses, Sandra and Nuria are in charge or organizing all the surgical material necessary for any eventuality. They also assist us during the robotic procedures.

It is fantastic to be able to work in a team full of enthusiasm and will to perform an excellent job!

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