Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Appointed Consultant for TEKNON in Barcelona

Today I went to Barcelona to participate in a training seminar with live PVP (Photoselective vaporization of the prostate) procedures.
TEKNON hospital is one of the most prestigious private hospitals in Barcelona. This hospital has a laser unit that serves the specialists using lasers in different areas (ENT, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, Ophtalmologists, urologists) I have been appointed consultant of their laser unit and I have been invited regularly to train doctors on the PVP procedure. I have been there eight times already, training different doctors.

One of the patients today had a big bladder stone. We fragmented it and solved the problem endoscopically. It is always wise to start with the prostate first, and once the PVP is performed, the stone can be dealt with. They have told me about four new patients to operate soon, so I will have to find a slot in my agenda, that is getting increasingly busier.

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