Friday, October 14, 2005

KTP laser day in Valencia

Today I woke up early to take a flight to Valencia. We started operating at the General Hospital at 9.00 am, but unfortunately someone lost the filter the video endoscopic camera needs and we postponed the start to 11.00 am. In this training session I operated two patients with relatively small prostates, so there was no problem to finish before 3.00 pm.
In the afternoon, after a quick and unappealing lunch I went to a private hospital in Valencia, where they had organised a teaching session with 15 local urologists. I explained the basics of the surgical treatment of BPH with the KTP laser and then I went to the surgical theatre,where they had prepared two patients with huge prostates (100 and 130 grams). The images and sound were transmitted to the audience. Big prostates take time to operate and it took approximately three hours to finish each case, so we finished at 12.00 pm. Fotunately, both cases did very well postoperatively. I slept in a hotel in Valencia and took an early plane to Madrid where I had to operate two aditional patients with huge prostates again, so I finished around 5 pm, and finally went home to see my family and rest. I think this is probably my record, I operated 6 patients in 30 hours.

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