Wednesday, October 19, 2005

PVP training seminar in Barcelona

Today I took an early flight to Barcelona to participate in a training seminar on Photoselective Vaporization of the Prostate. We have performed two live surgeries. The first patient had a relatively big prostate with 80-90 grams, with a huge median lobe. He has made me sweat, but the patient did not bleed at all and the operation was a success. The seccond patient's prostate was smaller, but he had a very big bladder diverticulum. We have incised the mouth of the diverticulum with the KTP laser, to ensure proper drainage into the bladder, it was really beautiful. Soon I will go back to the Teknon Hospital in Barcelona to operate a patient with periprostatic angiomas (this is a vascular tumor, that bleeds furiously if cut), a very complicated case that probably will only be operable with a KTP Laser with safety. Tomorrow I will participate in the International Congress on Advances in Urology that will take place at the Jimenez Díaz Foundation in Madrid, and I will operate another patient in front of 200 Spanish and 50 foreign urologists.

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