Sunday, March 25, 2007

European Association of Urology Congress in Berlin

I have just arrived from Berlin, where I have participated in the 22nd Annual Congress of teh European Association of Urology. This is the impressive building where it took place.

I try to go every year to the EAU congress because it is an excellent congress. Not only it allows to update your knowledge, but also to get to know new drugs in the market, new medical or surgical devices, but also it is a great opportunity to meet friends from other countries. In this respect, I have had a very intense activity meeting with other world experts in Photoselective Vaporization of the Prostate, we have very interesting projects in common that I will cover in future posts in this blog. There were many abstracts related to PVP coming from many different countries, and all of them were extremely positive.

This year I chaired the European School of Urology course on Multimedia applied to urology, with Dr. Aurel Messas, from France. The EAU offers webcasts of all ESU Courses online, and my presentations are available online. I guess the quality of the webcast will not be perfect, because I was using a lot of flash videos that will not play on the webcast. A pity.
Another very interesting aspect of this congress has been the launch of, a website sponsored by the EAU that offers news, key papers and other content, but the most amazing is the possibility to access the surgical video bank of the EAU. There I found, for example, a video on a new urethroplasty technique that I submitted to the congress two years ago.

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