Sunday, March 04, 2007

From Bilbao to Venice

On Friday morning I did a short talk on the new Greenlight HPS at the congress in Bilbao. Thanks to the impressive technological organization of the meeting we could transmit to the audience the status of the patient I had operated the previous day. He was doing well, and we showed a live transmission of his ultrasound compared to the previous day. His prostatic volume went down from 70 cc to 25 cc, the median lobe had been vaporized completely. The flow rate had gone up from 5 mL/s to 18 mL/s in just one day. He was after discharged and I went to the airport.

I took a flight to Venice, Italy, invited by the pharmaceutical company Astellas to a training session on how to improve medical presentation skills. It was beautiful to take the boat-taxi from the airport to the hotel...

This was a very interesting initiative from Astellas, I had a very nice working day in the company of some friends, Dr. Castillón, Dr. Sanz from Marbella and Dr. García Montes, from Mallorca. The lady in the photo is Chira Ariño, from Astellas, a fantastic woman and professional.

Dr. García Montes is the chap with the looks of a flamenco dancer in the middle of the photo, and he is one of my most loved friends. We shared a lot of time together when we both worked at the Institute of Urology in London. He is now an expert on artificial sphincters.

Then I travelled back to Madrid on Sunday, I needed to rest a little in the company of my family.

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