Thursday, March 29, 2007

Visitor from Saudi Arabia in Madrid

Today I did three PVPs with the new high power 120 watt HPS laser in the company of Dr. Al Tayyib, from Jedda, Saudi Arabia. We enjoyed very much because the cases were very interesting, prostatic sizes were bigger than those we did on tuesday. We had a wonderful session together where we could share a lot of information on the technique. I prefer to have this one-to-one sessions because it is much easier for me to share my experience and for the visitor to ask every possible question. One of the cases was extremely interesting, because the patient had very limited mobility of his right hip, and I had to perform the operation with very limited movements of the cystoscope, but the result was fantastic... we both thought it would have been impossible to operate him with the traditional TURP.

Dr. Al Tayyib, as all Saudi doctors I have met, has a fantastic urological knowledge and it was a great pleasure to share this session with him. Soon his Urology department at Jedda will start using this technology and I will travel again to Saudi Arabia to give them a hand.

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