Wednesday, April 25, 2007

From Barcelona to the Canary Islands

This tuesday I took a flight to Barcelona, to help Dr. Guillermo Batlle to perform his first case with the 80 watt KTP laser at the Delfos Medical Center in Barcelona. It was a 60 gram prostate that seemed to be a little bigger endoscopically... The surgery was uneventful and I was satisfied with the result. Then I rushed to the airport back to Madrid. I had to connect with a flight to Gran Canaria. I landed only 20 minutes before departure time and it was a miracle but I got into the plane in time. Dr. Juarez and his wife, Loli, picked me up and took me out for dinner and the next morning we started operating with his brand new HPS laser. We had three patients scheduled, two big prostates and one smaller, all of them were successful.

Dr. Juarez and Loli are not only married but also work together and have a very wide experience in endoscopic surgery and andrology, so they learned the technique very fast and they are such nice people that I really enjoyed this trip. I returned to Madrid and went to bed very late, and totally croaky.... too many planes are bad for your health.

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