Tuesday, April 10, 2007

We move!!!

Today we moved to a new hospital, the "Sanatorio de Nuestra Señora del Rosario". We leave the "Hospital San José" where we have been carrying out most of our surgical activity to start operating at the new hospital this week.

It has been a pleasure to work in San José for the last few years, where we have shared our activity with fantastic professionals. We will miss all the medical, nursing and administrative staff at San José, we have shared many moments of hard work and many intense and happy moments.

The "Rosario" hospital is one of the classic private hospitals in the "Barrio de Salamanca" in the Center of Madrid. Although an old hospital, it has kept the pace with medical innovation and it offers fantastic technology and state of the art services. Some of the best surgeons in Madrid work here, some of them are good old friends of mine. I worked there for many years as the surgical assistant of Dr. Hidalgo Pascual (Head of the Department of General Surgery of the famous "Hospital 12 de Octubre" from Madrid) and of Dr. Pereira Sanz (Head of the department of Urology of the "Hospital de La Princesa"), during the years of my specialisation. I learned a great deal from them.

In the "Rosario" Hospital we can continue our surgical activities in the best possible environment. For us it is very important that it is also very well equipped for training activities, and it is very close to the ICUA....

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