Saturday, April 14, 2007

Masterclass with Dr. Gaston

This Saturday we received Dr. Gastón, from Bordeaux, in the company of Monique, his mithycal nurse, to perform three radical prostatectomies in patients with prostate cancer. He regularly visits us to operate with Dr. Castillón (the director of the laparoscopy unit at the ICUA) once a month.

It was a very interesting session because we operated relatively difficult cases that Dr. Gaston was able to solve elegantly. Dr. Gaston liked very much the new hospital where we have started to operate (Sanatorio del Rosario) in Madrid. Then we took them to the airport as they had to return to Bordeaux. We used our new high definition laparoscopy tower from OLYMPUS, that we have just adquired, with 5 mm videolaparoscopes. State of the art technology that allows operating with the best possible image quality.

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