Thursday, April 05, 2007

Interesting images

Recently, reviewing a patient in my clinic, I could compare the ultrasound appeareance of a prostate before and after PVP with the Greenlight HPS. I thought it was interesting enough to offer it here. This first image shows the preoperative image obtained with a 7 mHz transrectal ultrasound probe. This was approximately a 50 gram prostate.

And this is the postoperative image on transrectal ultrasound a month after the operation. This is a transversal image, where a wide prostatic cavity can be seen, similar to what we obtained with the classic trasurethral resection of the prostate.

And this is the longitudinal view. The prostate with a central cavity in the right hand side and the bladder in the left hand side.

I am extremely satisfied with the results we get with this laser. It is a quantum leap in the treatment of BPH, not only because it is safe and comfortable for patients (nobody doubts nowadays that it is safe, and that the side effect profile is better than classic surgical options), but because of it's efficacy. Many urologists still think that TURP is the best treatment in terms of efficacy, but I think that once you learn to master PVP properly, and that takes some time, to gather the appropriate experience, you can have exactly the same efficacy, with much lower morbidity. I hope to be able to prove this when I publish my results, but in the meantime, every urologist wanting to see this with his own eyes is invited to come to my theatre to watch it!!

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