Thursday, November 01, 2012

Conference in Dubai - EUSC 2012

This time I travelled to Dubai, at the United Arab Emirates, to give a conference at the first annual congress of the Emirati Urological Society. I spoke about surgery for benign prostatic hyperplasia with the GreenLight laser. The title of my presentation was "Exploring the boundaries of GreenLight for the treatment of BPH" and I tried to explain that not only GreenLight has a brilliant present (the european and american urological associations recognize it as a standard option of treatment for BPH), and that there are now two published meta-analysis that back this up (level of evidence 1), but also that the new techniques I have developed, the anatomic PVP, the vapo-enucleation of the middle lobe, and the GreenLEP procedure (GreenLight Enucleation of the prostate), the future looks even better.

I worked hard in this talk, and it was very welcomed by the public. The following day I had to moderate a session on minimally invasive treatment of urinary stones, very interesting. Dubai is an impressive city, with big buildings and constant activity... luckily it was not too hot as now it is winter over there. I had a great time and then I returned home. It is a long journey.

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