Friday, November 09, 2012

Live surgery in Torino, Italy

I arrived in Torino to participate at the congress Technology & Training in Endourology, organised at the Ospedale Cottolengo by Prof. Cesare Scoffone.

My contribution was to perform an anatomic vaporization of the prostate with the GreenLight laser that would be transmitted live to the congress main room filled up with italian endourologists. The patient I had to operate had a catheter, and I could do a good job while I demonstrated the technical aspects of the operation as didactically as possible.

In the room, Dr. Naspro and Dr. Fasolis asked me questions and relayed the questions that other colleagues in the audience wanted to ask.

Then I did a talk to demonstrate other techniques with GreenLight laser, the vapo-enucleation and the En Bloc GreenLEP (GreenLight Enucleation of the Prostate).

That night we went to the readers circle in Torino, situated in a beautiful palace in the center of the city, and we enjoyed the congress' gala dinner, that was amazing. Prof. Scoffone addressed us during the dinner. He is a genuine man, a great urologist that works with illusion to contribute positively to improve the quality of endourology in his country. The truth is that this generous attitude always moves me and makes me proud of belonging to this wonderful specialty. It has been a great congress.

Then I came back to Madrid to rest for the remainder of the weekend.

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