Monday, November 12, 2012

Surgeries at Hesperia Hospital in Modena, Italy

I am happy because I have established an agreement for collaboration with Dr. Giovanni Ferrari, by which I will operate with him in Modena, Italy, every month.

Yesterday we did three GreenLight vapo-enucleations in illustrious patients with big prostates that underwent really well. I am happy to collaborate with Dr. Ferrari, he is a top urologist and a very charming man.

I bought at the airport on my way back some italian cheese and Módena vinegar, of course... and I have to return via Lisbon, a tough schedule, but I was happy.

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Maria Carla Zanni said...

Thanks for operating my husband with your method 3 days ago at the Hesperia Hospital.Today my husband is back at home and the follow up of the intervention is very good.