Friday, November 30, 2012

European GreenLight Trainer Meeting in Brest, France

This time I went to the University hospital in Brest, France, to participate in a meeting of urologists who are trainers of other urologists in the GreenLight Laser use for the surgical treatment of BPH in Europe.

The objective of the meeting was to unify criteria as well as to share ideas and knowledge. The meeting was hosted by Prof. Fournier, who told us about his experience and who showed us the technique for continous intraoperative monitorization of laser vaporization with transrectal ultrasound.

Dr. Fournier came to visit me in Madrid in September 2009, and already then we commented the importance of transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) as a quality control of the procedure. I normally use TRUS before the procedure and at the end of it, or intraoperatively if I find it necessary, but only punctually.

Prof. Fournier has developed in these years a very ingenuous way to use a standard TRUS device to monitor the operation continuously in a very simple way. I loved the idea and I think it would be most useful for surgeons learning the procedure.

This way the surgeon has two views, the endoscopic view and the ultrasound monitoring in the same screen, very interesting.

I contributed presenting the different technical variations I use with the GreenLight laser, the anatomic vaporization with capsular localization, the vapo-enucleation and the GreenLEP (GreenLight enucleation procedure). I believe both approaches are compatible.

A very interesting meeting in the company of my colleagues, also passionate for prostatic laser surgery.

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