Thursday, April 25, 2013

Experts meeting in Amsterdam

This wednesday I travelled to Amsterdam to meet with Dr. Gordon H. Muir, from King's College Hospital, London, UK.  Prof. Alexander Bachmann, from Basel University Hospital, Switzerland.  Dr. Riddick, from Scotland. Prof. Georges Fournier, from the University Hospital in Brest, France and Dr. Brunken, from Germany.

All of them are experts in BPH surgery with the GreenLight laser and they engage actively in the training of other urologists, like me.

Mr. Muir, Prof. Fournier and Prof. Bachmann, in a break at our meeting.
We met to discuss the advances in the technique of GreenLight laser vaporization of the prostate and on how should the training be to optimize GreenLight laser use in ambulatory clinics, e.g. without hospitalisation.

We had a fruitful discussion and we hope to publish a couple of papers, one with recommendations on training and one on advanced surgical technique, that we hope to publish soon.

Dr. Riddick left on a shirt and Dr. Brunken by the picture on the wall

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