Monday, April 22, 2013

Surgeries at the Hill Clinic in Sofia, Bulgaria

This weekend I operated again at the Hill Clinic in Sofia, Bulgaria. The weather is getting better and we had a beautiful sun.

This time we had a four day session where I performed 19 prostatectomies. Every time I am more convinced that the GreenLEP procedure is here to stay. We have refined the technique so much that surgeries take place placidly and safely and we can operate prostates any size.

One of the patients had a lot of stones in the bladder and had a huge gland. First we fragmented the stones with Holmium laser and then we performed the enucleation, that went really well. We could extract nearly 150 grams of prostatic tissue that we sent to the pathologist.

A very interesting session that I enjoyed thoroughly. I recommend to all urologists who are interested to learn this procedure to join us at the Hill Clinic to see the operations with us. It is the operation of the future, today!!!

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