Thursday, April 18, 2013

Surgeries in Modena, with Dr. Ferrari

This month I travelled to Modena, Italy, in virtue of the collaboration agreement that my institution, the ICUA (Institute of advanced urological surgery) has with Dr. Giovanni Ferrari to come to Italy to operate on a regular basis at the Hospital Hesperia.

In this occasion I did four operations, two anatomic vaporizations, a vapo-enucleation with middle lobe enucleation, and a GreenLEP procedure, followed by morcellation of the adenoma.

We received the visit this time of Dr. Franco Montefiore Director of the urology department at Ospedale San Giacomo de Novi Ligure, Dr. Danilo Zani from Instituto Clínico Città de Brescia, Dr. Alberto del Nero of the Clínica Urológica San Paolo de Milán and Dr. Enrico Conti, Head of the urology department at the Ospedale San Lázaro de Alba accompanied by Dr. Fasolis.

With all of them I appear in these photos, Dr. Ferrari wears a white coat. It was a very interesting session and I  had a great time. That night I slept in Italy and departed early in the morning to Bulgaria.

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