Friday, May 17, 2013

Minimally invasive surgery course in Borgosesia, Italy

I arrived in Borgosesia on Thursday afternoon to participate as invited professor at a course in minimally invasive urology.

The hospital is located between mountains, in a really wonderful place.

First I gave a 20 minute talk covering the different generations of GreenLight lasers and the advances in surgical technique, and I presented the anatomic vaporization, the vapo-enucleation and the GreenLEP (GreenLight enucleation of the prostate) procedure. Then we performed a simulator session that was used by all attendees at the course.

The simulator is a wonderful training tool, that reduces greatly the surgeon's learning curve and obviously benefits patients who have to be operated by a surgeon in training.

Then we went to dinner to a typical restaurant, to enjoy the "cucina piamontesa". I had no choice but to leave apart my recently started diet ;-)

The next day there were surgical sessions where the attendees could participate. I performed two interventions. A vapo-enucleation of a large prostate and a GreenLEP procedure in a patient who had two previous biopsies with inconclusive signs of prostate cancer. The GreenLEP procedure allows for the retrieval of the adenomatous tissue for histological analysis.

Both operations went pretty well, and as always I could see the surprise of my colleagues when they see the versatility of this laser and the beauty of these techniques. I had a lot of fun, enjoyed to see new techniques, as the single port radical prostatectomy performed by Dr. Vincenzo Ferrara, and I made new friends. Then I drove back to Malpensa to return to Madrid to rest for the weekend after three intense work days in Italy.

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