Thursday, May 16, 2013

Surgeries in Ponte San Pietro, Italy

Again I arrived at the Hospital at Ponte San Pietro to assist Dr. Oscar Fenice with his training in GreenLight XPS 180 watt laser prostatectomy for BPH.

In this occasion we operated three patients, two with relatively voluminous prostates and one with a smaller gland. Dr. Fenice had been training hard with the computerized simulator designed to teach this procedure and I was impressed to see the qualitative leap in his surgical skill in comparison with the first session we performed recently. Dr. Angelo Gritti, head of the department, was very impressed with the possibility to visualize the prostatic capsule in such a clean and clear way, despite the big size of the prostates.

When we finished the session, at lunchtime, I took a rented car and drove up north to Borgosesia. I had to participate in a training course in minimally invasive surgery. Unfortunately it was raining and I do not know why the roads in Italy are always so busy, but I enjoyed the changes in geography driving up north and the beauty of the fields and the mountains in the region.

The followind day Dr. Fenice contacted me very happy to tell me that all patients had passed water without a catheter and were leaving the hospital.

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