Monday, May 06, 2013

Surgical session with Dr. Gaston in Madrid

As it has happened almost monthly for the last 5 years, Dr. Richard Gaston joined us in Madrid at  Clínica CEMTRO to perform surgeries.

We operated several patients with a diagnosis of prostate cancer in which we performed a laparoscopic radical prostatectomy, with the collaboration of Dr. Estefanía Romero, from our team, the specialist in laparoscopy at ICUA. Dr. Romero was trained in Bordeaux with Dr. Gaston and performs all laparoscopic procedures in our center.

It is always a pleasure to receive the visit of Dr. Gaston in our center. He is a great expert and now a friend. Keeping this link with him on a regular base allows our patients to access the best world expert in the field, without needing to travel to Bordeaux in France where he works. For us it is a true privilege to collaborate with him and to keep on learning from him.

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