Monday, June 16, 2014

International meeting of GreenLight laser experts in Madrid

This week we received the visit at Clinica CEMTRO of a select group of international experts in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) with the GreenLight laser.

The objective of the meeting was to present them the new techniques that I recently published at the  World Journal of Urology and to try to reach a consensus with all of them on their application, on how to train other urologists and to kick off an international multi center study to validate them internationally. 

We received the visit of: (left to right in the photo) Dr. Shahin Tabatabaei (Harvard, Boston, USA), Prof. Oliver Reich (Munchen, Germany), Dr. Claus Brunken (Hamburg, Germany), Dr. Edward Collins (San Francisco, USA) and to my left Prof. Henry Woo (Sydney, Australia), Prof. Andrea Tubaro (Rome, Italy), Dr. Vincent Misrai (Institut Pasteur, Toulousse, France), Mr. Gordon Muir (King's College Hospital, London, UK) and Prof. Alexander Bachmann (Basel, Switzerland).

Firstly I performed three surgical operations, demonstrating each of the techniques that I have described for the treatment of BPH with the Green Laser. Clínica CEMTRO is fully equipped to transmit live surgical procedures to the main auditorium and although some of my colleagues preferred to come and witness the procedures in the operating room, the rest of the attendees watched them from there. All the operations went very well and all the patients were discharged the following day.

We also did a press round in which we told everything about these new techniques and the transcendence and impact that the Green Laser has had in the treatment of BPH worldwide.

Then we met for two days to set the basis of the clinical studies we are going to carry out jointly to validate internationally the excellent results we have achieved during the last four years with these new surgical techniques at ICUA and Clínica CEMTRO.

It was a very interesting meeting, and I am sure that the clinical study we have started will have a great impact worldwide. It was a pleasure to receive the visit of my colleagues and international friends and to feel fully supported by Clinica CEMTRO for its organization and development.

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