Thursday, June 12, 2014

Surgical session in Salt, Gerona, Spain

This time I travelled to Barcelona in the evening, and I found that there were no taxis due to a strike!! So I took the bus and metro to reach the hotel and managed to rest a little. The next morning, early, I was picked up to go to the public hospital in Salt, Gerona, where I met Dr. Andrés Ponce and Dr. Roger Boix who had invited me to demonstrate the surgical treatment of BPH with the GreenLight laser and I operated three patients they had selected for the session.

All the operations went very well and I could demonstrate the anatomic vaporization as well as the middle lobe enucleation techniques. It was a very dynamic session and I enjoyed a lot.

Then I returned early to Madrid, and I managed to enjoy the rest of the day and get some rest.

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