Sunday, November 02, 2014

Surgical session in Sofia with visitors from Italy, Germany and Austria

This time I went to the Hill Clinic in Sofia, Bulgaria, for another surgical session. This time we received the visit of three international urologists, Dr. Destefanis, from Torino, Italy, Dr. Sommerhaber, from Austria and Dr. Luebcke, from Germany.

I operated 25 patients this month at hill clinic, and performed GreenLEP (Green Laser Enucleation of the Prostate) in all of them, and everything went very well. We are really mastering this technique now.

I am very happy because my Bulgarian colleagues told me that a patient in which we had tried to perform a green laser enucleation with intention to preserve ejaculation was actually able to ejaculate three months after the operation. This is a technical variant we are investigating that preserves ejaculatory function, a very difficult objective, but very desirable.

We are going to start a study to measure if it is possible to preserve ejaculation when we perform enucleation with the GreenLight laser. My impression is that it will be more difficult in patients with bigger glands, but we will see.

Also, Hill Clinic does a lot to promote the Movember movement, that raises funds for research in prostatic and testicular cancer. For this reason I was interviewed by Bulgarian TV.

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