Friday, November 14, 2014

Two days of surgery and science at the CDU in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Finally I arrived in Buenos Aires, where we had programmed two days of surgeries and conferences at the prestigious CDU (Center of Urology) in this wonderful city.

There I met my old friends. Dr. Edgardo Becher, Dr. Marcelo Borghi and Dr. Luis Montes de Oca, who was generous enough to give me his recent prostate cancer book as a gift.

For two days we performed surgeries and I lectured to the urologist of this center and other hospitals from Buenos Aires. Everything went very well.

What is impressive from this center is that it is an ambulatory center, and we were able to send patients treated with GreenLEP (GreenLight Enucleation) home the same day of the procedure. We spoke of starting a study to see if it is possible to generalize this approach.

Buenos Aires is a wonderful city and it is always a pleasure to see old friends and learn from their spirit of continuous improvement. Finally I returned to Madrid after a long week of work in South America.

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