Sunday, June 21, 2009

Surgeries in Guayaquil, Ecuador

After reaching Guayaquil, I was picked up by Gustavo Pico, the pioneer of Greenlight in Guayaquil. He kindly hosted me in his house, and he invited me for lunch, "caldo de bola" and "Ceviche de camarón", really superb. We had to leave to the hospital really fast because Dr. Pico had organised a surgical session at the Hospital Kennedy Samborondón, that was being retransmitted to the other two hospitals from the Kenedy Group.

When we got to the hospital the patient was already anesthetised and the session started. I did two operations and we mantained a very interesting conversation with the attendees in the other two hospitals. I was really impressed with the organisation Dr. Pico put in the workshop.

Then we went to the Hospital Kennedy Alborada and we did some interviews with the press and local TV stations. The workshop was widely announced on TV news and we saw ourselves on TV the following day...

Then I gave a talk to a crowded room, and I finished the day really tired but happy.

The following day continued with the transmission of four operations that were very demostrtive, and I had the opportunity to discuss in depth all the technical details with Dr. Gustavo Pico.

Finally, Dr. Pico and myself celebrated with some champagne the success of the session and our new friendship, and he drove me to the airport, where I took a flight back to Madrid. It has been an intense week, full of interesting moments, new friends and a lot of surgery!

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